LTE Router + Data SIM France

  • LTE Router + Data SIM France

  • Including 100GB at max 3G + speed

  • Internetplan valid for 90 days

  • Internetplan to be extended for € 99 per 3 months

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LTE Router + Data SIM France 
  • Including 100GB at max 3G + speed
  • Internetplan valid for 90 days


How it works:

You will receive a Mobile internet router including a SIM card from us. We have fully configured the router so that you only have to connect it to a power point in your holiday home.

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SIM card registration:

For Frankrij it is necessary to register your SIM card via copy ID. The registration of every French SIM card sold is mandatory by the government.

Once you have received the SIM card, you can activate it online via

Your SIM card has been loaded with the internetplan you ordered. As soon as the SIM makes contact with the network, your internetplan will start.

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Need Extra Data ?:

You can top up extra data for the SIM card via InternationalSIM

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This package comes with: & nbsp;
  • LTE Router
  • 100GB Data at max 3G + speed (valid for 90 days)
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Question: How long will my bundle remain valid?

Answer: Your internetplan is valid for 90 days. You can extend this ineternetplan at internationalSIM

Question: My 100GB data is use up sooner than expected. Can I purchase additional data?

Answer: If you have used up your 100GB within the 90 day period you can load a new 100GB

Question: Can I also use Video streaming services such as Netflix?

Answer: Yes. You can use Video streaming services such as Netflix. Note that these services use a lot of data. Netflix consumes an average of 0.5 to 1.5 GB per hour. (Depending on video quality)

Question: How does the Installation work

Answer: InternationalSIM will fully configure the modem for you, so you only have to connect the modem to the power network.

Question: Can I also connect my phone to the Modem?

Answer: Yes. You can connect any VOIP telephone to the modem

Question: What is the coverage of this SIM?

Answer: This SIM uses the Orange network, so you are always assured of excellent quality and network coverage.